Spiritual Healing Courses

Workshops in Spiritual Healing

  1. Basic Healing & Meditation
  2. Pranayam & Dhyana Chintan
  3. Chromo healing (Healing with colours)
  4. Psycho healing
  5. Crystal Healing
  6. Clairvoyant Course

1. Basic Healing & Meditation

6 days (3 days healing, 3 days Chakral meditation, 3-4 hours daily)
Level 1(A)
Description (You will learn):

  1. Details of Aura (Energy Body) Chakras (Energy Centers) Nadies (Energy Channels)
  2. How your Aura is related to your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.
  3. How to scan & diagnose Aura & Chakras in relation to diseases.
  4. How to manipulate energy to balance chakras and heal diseases in oneself and others.
  5. How to meditate by controlling your breathing and balance chakras.
  6. To enhance Energy body to several meters through powerful way of meditation.
What can you do after Learning:

  1. You can give healing to yourself.
  2. You can give healing to others.
  3. Save a lot of money on your medical bills.
  4. Avoid chemical medicines where ever you are sick.
  5. Prevent chronic & acute diseases in your life.
  6. Guide others to reduce their sufferings etc.
  7. Powerful way of meditation.

2. Pranayam & Dhyana Chintan

6 days or more, 3 – 4 hours daily
Level 1(B)
Description (You will learn):

  1. Different type of Pyanayam to heal diseases.
  2. Important Asanas (Yoga Poses) to prevent/cure diseases.
  3. Mudras (Gestures) for Dhyana and Healing.
  4. Bandhas (Locks) to awaken Kundlani.
  5. Converting sex energy to spiritual energy.
  6. How to teach to your patients to get faster and permanent results.
What can you do after Learning:

  1. Daily practice of Pranayam mudras, Bandhas keep you physically, mentally, emotionally healthy healer. The results of healing will be accurate and long lasting in your patients.

3. Chromo Healing (Healing with colours)

5 days or more, 3 hours daily
Level 2
Description (You will learn):

  1. Properties of natural colours in healing.
  2. Meditation to develop colours visualization.
  3. Mediatational techniques of Scanning, Cleaning and Energizing.
  4. Preparation and use of Chromo therapic energized water
  5. Advanced healing techniques.
  6. Divine healing and distant divine healing etc.
What can you do after Learning:

  1. Heal chronic and acute diseases in less time permanently.
  2. Diagnose diseases by visualization of sick energy in chakras.
  3. Heal several patients in single session etc.
  4. Instantaneous healing of fresh wounds.
  5. Techniques to heal more serious cases like cancer etc.

4. Psycho Healing

4 days or more, 3 hours daily
Level 3
Description (You will learn):

  1. The chakras and their psychological functions.
  2. Meditation for making chakras and its protective web stronger related to psyco-function.
  3. Different methods to heal psychological ailments.
  4. Room designing and psyco healing.
  5. Psychic self defense.
  6. Psychic surgery.
  7. Improving self image etc.
What can you do after Learning:

1. Stress

2. Irritability

3. Grief

4. Hysteria

5. Phobias

6. Addictions

7. Depressions

8. Violence

9. Restlessness

10. Hallucination

11. Suicidal Tendencies

5. Crystal Healing

3 days, 3hours daily
Level 4
Description (You will learn):

  1. Properties of crystals.
  2. How to clean, energize and use them in healing.
  3. Using colour crystal in healing.
  4. How to use crystals for self defence.
What can you do after Learning:

  1. You can clean stubborn energies easily and faster.
  2. Heal more patients in less time and less efforts.

6. Clairvoyant Course

1 day, 3 hours daily (optional)
Description (You will learn):

  1. Learn how to meditate to see Aura Chakras and their colours.
What can you do after Learning:

  1. You will be able to see aura and chakras (Conditions apply).