Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Introduction

Spiritual healing involves all ancient practices of the saints all around the world. These techniques are time tested as well as technologically proved for healing human diseases theyli-7 aura. Ancient as well as modern science has found that human body is divided into physical , mental, emotional and astral bodies. all chronic and acute diseases are due to mental emotional and uric disbalance. That’s why chemical medicines cannot cure most of the diseases completely. In comparison healing and meditation practices can be used as preventive measure. as well as to root out most of chronic and acute ailments. in human race. it is the time of spiritual development and those who will adopt this style of life of sages will save themselves their families & human societies from serious sufferings. Asho Institute offers you a comprehensive learning and practices in this holistic healing field. To fulfill the above objective. Asho Institute offers the following workshops to transform you to spiritual healers.

Each meditation will develop self realization and your bondage with chronic energy will strong day by days. These meditations will help you to heal serious cases like heart ailments, asthma osteoporss-8. Your aura size, chakras diameters and how of energy in meridians can be early scanned after these meditations. A proficient healer need continuous practice of meditations to heal physical, mental & emotional diseases. H also need to teach required meditation to the patients to bring desirable and permanent recoveries in chronic and acute ailments. After these meditation you have very less chances to suffer from any serious to acute diseases. In the bigger aura of Master hardesh this is guaranteed experience.

List of meditation

1). Kapalbhali to awaken Kundalni

2). Anulom vilom to balance upper chakras & third eye.

3). UJJAL to balance basic metabolic rate.

4).Healing sounds from Indian yoga and taosist yoga.

5). Bandhas from mutation of six energies to spiritual energy.

6). Tantra meditations, Daily yoga nidra (psychic- sleep) to break phyrio – psychological knots & to reach to your subconscious and unconscious realms of your personality.

7). Walking Meditations/

8). Meditation before and after eating.

9). Mudras meditations.


A. Kapal Bhatti
B. Anu- lom vilom
C. Yog Nidra
A. Kapal Bhatti
B. Anu – Lom vilom
C. Ujjal
D. Yog Nidra


A. Kapal-Bhatti
B. Anulom – Vilom
C. Ujjal
D. Bharmari
E. Yog Nidra


A. Kapal-Bhatti
B. Bandhas
C. Yog Nidra


Healing Sounds
A. Bharamri
B. Ujjal
C. Sheetli
D. Sitkari
E. Bandhas
F. Yog Nidra


A. Taoists Healing Sounds
B. yog Nidra