Nutrition Courses

In Ayurveda diagnosis of the disease is based on three biological humors which are primary life forces called Vatta, Pitta and kapha which corresponds to the elements of air, fire and water respectively. These are called ‘Dosha’ which means faults or which darkens, spoils or cause things to decay. When out of Balance.

Doshas are the causative forces behind every disease process. Dosha in the western world was considered as the three layers of embryo namely ectoderm endoderm and mesoderm. A person has one layer dominating during the phase of embryonic development which makes his either actinography body which is like Vatha body or if he develops from endoderm then he has a endomorph body characteristics like Kapha body and if he develops from mesoderm he has a mesomorph body which is like pitta body.

A person can also also have two Dosha dominating which is not very appreciative because it makes his body prove to both kinds of diseases and balancing difficult. Thus dosha understanding system has a scientific basis and is amazingly interesting and is also the basic of nutrition.

Diet is believed to be the cure of all diseases and without wrong diet there can be no diseases.

Healing Through Nutrition

Man actually has three life phases

1. Anabolic – which is the growth and development phase up to 25 years

2. Static – where he remains as he is for some years which is life 25 yr-35yrs.

3. Degenerative – where the body degenerates day from 35yrs till death this is also called ageing process. The wrong diet and lifestyle factor makes us seek in the degenerative stages. For example if you start smoking in 18yrs you will get cancer or bronchitis only after you have crossed 35. Because upto static phase the immunity and general body strength prevents destructions. But in degenerative stage the body destruction becomes quicker’s resulting in manifestation diseases quickly.

Ayurvedic Diet works with first the method of detoxification of the body and then starting a diet which includes having food which is good for your body type. The body changes with the food. So the diet which your have picked also changes and becomes lenient after your problems have been solved.