About Asho Ayurveda

The word asho means hope which is the mantra of Asho Ayurveda Healing and symbolises the way we deliver our therapy. In today’s fast-paced society the spiritual aspect of one’s life and healthy way of living is often forgotten or pushed aside. A person’s value seems to be more and more defined by their material wealth, however, a person can have all the money and fame in the world and still not be happy.

Working in the field of health and teaching others the field of things like healing meditation and Ayurveda helps a person to have better life style and mental satisfaction. Ayurveda makes a person engrossed with complicated emotions, healthy and solves its problem permanently rather than solving the symptoms and thus help us to achieve the way of health both physical and mental.

“There is no happy man as a healthy man”. “Health is Wealth” etc. saying has always been easy to say out hard to follow Thus the best way to pursue your health is to be in a healthy field of working. A simple example is how far a Bartender is from Alcohol? This picking up Ayurveda or healing as a profession helps a person change his way of living, and makes him have a lot of self- satisfaction with service to the mankind and humanity.

This is not only the philosophy Asho Ayurveda Healing but also the testimonial of various students who have changed their life with our help.